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When it comes to choosing the correct pet food, it can be hard for a pet owner to choose a suitable diet for their pet. With so many different options available on the market, it can become a real dilemma if an owner is unaware of a pet’s nutritional needs.

Pet Essentials Grain Free and Super Premium ranges are the highest quality pet foods on the market. With various hypoallergenic recipes available in two fantastic ranges, our customers will never struggle to find the right recipe for their dog. Grain Free and Super Premium recipes cater for all life stages and different lifestyles based on the size and breed of dog. Made with a unique Freshtrusion™ technology, each of the meats that go into the recipes have been gently cooked at circa 82 degrees Celcius to protect the proteins and ensure maximum digestibility and nutritional value to our customers pets.

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Surprisingly to some dog and cat owners, there is a big difference between a cat and a dog’s nutritional needs and therefore, their foods.

Dogs are omnivores that can survive on a varied diet comprising of components such as meat, fruits and vegetables. However, cats are obligatory carnivores, where meat is biologically necessary for their diets.


Cat food is designed to provide the correct taurine levels that a cat must have to survive. This is an essential amino acid that is crucial for the health of a cats heart, eyes, digestion and immune function. Unfortunately, cats are among a few mammals that don’t have the ability to produce taurine themselves, so they must get this from their diets. Whereas a dogs body can naturally produce their own taurine so isn’t a requirement in their diet.

Protein and Calories

Cat food is much higher in meat-based protein than dog food because they are primarily reliant on protein for growth, body maintenance, and energy. Most other mammals, such as dogs, can utilise a number of dietary components such as carbohydrates for energy and so their bodies can adapt to lower protein diets. In addition, it is believed that a cat should have 2 times the amount of protein as a dog, and if they don’t reach these requirements, they can become malnourished quickly and cause several health problems. There is a real need for a higher calorie content in cat food than dog food because of the extra requirements of protein in a cat’s diet.

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Dogs and Cats have very different nutritional needs. Talk to our friently staff instore to discuss the best nutrition for your pet.

Taste and Size

Cats and dogs have different taste sensations; this is mainly due to them having different taste receptors. Cats have a total of 470 taste buds, while dogs have 1700. This means that cat food generally has a stronger aroma than dog food to entice them to eat their food. The size of cat food also tends to be smaller than dog food because cats have smaller mouths and smaller digestive systems.


Vitamins are essential for both cats and dogs, but they require these in different proportions. For example, a crucial vitamin for cats is vitamin A, which like taurine, they don’t have the ability to produce; however, dogs do. This key vitamin has important functions in maintaining a cat’s eyes, skin and coat health and, if not given adequate amounts, can lead to issues with a feline’s health.

Our Pet Essentials Grain Free and Super Premium ranges contain various cat and dog recipes, each with their own unique benefits to cats and dogs.

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